Starting a Blog + JUNO

Hi there!

(it seems the only appropriate opening I can think of) But welcome to my blog!

How exciting, I just wanted to start off with a little opening for you all, and myself incase i forget what im doing on here :/

I just really wanted somewhere I can share my photos and interests and I guess document my life in a way? altthough I will admit, I’m not much of a writer and english was never my favoirte thing to do at school so that’s always put me off starting a blog as I feel its all about the words you put on the screen that gets the people reading, BUT I want to challenge myself this year, I have plans and ideas of thing I want to do this year and this will be a great platform for me to share them even if I’m the only one reading.

SO… here’s a little bit about myself, My name is Emma and I am 20 years old, the name for my blog and some of my social medias is Loose Kisses (although i will link them somewhere in the info so you dont come across anyone really random), at first I just picked it as it came from a song in one of my favourite movies JUNO, some of you may know it?(a teen gets pregnant and it’s pretty much my fav movie to watch on a sleepover) and ‘loose lips’ is part of the lyrics to the credit song, when I chose it I simply picked it out of that song and I decided to change lips to kisses but I feel like the name has really grown with me and no I’m not loose and like to kiss lots of people (as much fun as that sounds) I feel it means someone who takes every day as it is and goes with the flow, never rooted in one place, which I hope is something I follow, just to always look at my positives and keep making memories, stay loose and free.
Until next time, have a great day x
(Here are some parts from the movie to enjoy)